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Old School, Funk and Oldies Radio Station Kandy and Chrome Radio, Re-Launches For a New Generation of Old School Music Lovers
Fontana, CA.  An Inland Empire car magazine and book publisher turned Radio DJ, announced this May he is bringing back his licensed radio show called Kandy and Chrome Radio streaming this summer. Father and son producers Carlos Garcia Aceves and Fernie Aceves, originally launched the radio show in 2004. While sharing his inherited large collection of great Classic Funk, Old School, Oldies and Doo-Wop music. This new and improved version will pick up where his first radio show left off—featuring live shows and interviews. Combined with an interactive Radio Station App ( and social media frenzy.
“Immediately after I sent out an international email blast, we had listeners tune in from Italy, Germany, Panama City, Canada, Romania, France, Australia and more, I hope to actually inspire international interest in our California Network of Businesses, It’s what keeps allot of these small businesses stay a float.” - said Carlos Garcia Aceves.
 “In 2004 he produced a radio show from his garage called “LoCompany Studios Radio’. It was difficult and expensive setting up streaming licensing and having a fast enough internet connection to stream an old 12" record player. The new streaming company of choice is renowned RADIOCO an internet cloud-based internet radio company. “Kandy and Chrome Radio re-launch builds on that original idea and gives fans a close-up of what it’s really like inside the Old School Music life as an industry.”
Carlos has set his sights a little higher this go around, using better equipment and offering more entertaining content. Kandy and Chrome Radio is LIVE NOW with a commercial free 128K stream. To listen now go to  Turn it up and enjoy. Aceves also has a secondary business called "Kandy and Chrome Garage" Show featuring Old School Music Lowrider Builds, Oldies, Doo-Wop and Classic Funk, music from the 50s all the way into the 80s era.

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