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My visit to The Crowned Peach Show with Chris Marie.

After directing the music video for Rich G - Gangster Girl, my circle expanded, and good things started rolling in. I kept noticing The Crowned Peach Show logo everywhere, but it took a while for me to truly understand what the show was about. Thanks to Tripp from Vatos Y Viclas introducing me to Ndub of Nation Wide Presents Concerts, I've had the pleasure of meeting fascinating individuals like Big Joe Castro of Cultura Magazine, Izzy of Raza Rising, Groove of the Groove Shack Radio, Cece Valencia of K-day, MoniBee Henley, the mariachi singer, Marcos Martinez of Brown Label Entertainment, OG Rome, Deandra Chanelle the stylist, The Real Mr Homicide, and many other ambitious entrepreneurs with similar visions.

My interview with the wonderful Chris Marie covers my journey from the beginning until now, though we couldn't delve into my current aspirations of becoming a prominent movie producer/director, crafting films that embody my passions for money, music, women, and lowrider cars. That's a story for another time, perhaps another episode.

During my time at the Crowned Peach Studio, I observed the collaborative effort it takes to build such a platform. I commend Chris and everyone involved for turning this TV Show dream into reality. Sometimes, you just have to take action instead of overthinking or striving for perfection. Chris embodies this ethos, from her Top 5 to her various other productions. Follow her show to stay updated on the incredible talents she showcases. @thecrownedpeachshow URBAN SOUL TV Big thanks to Team Peach and Momma Peach for their fantastic hospitality and photography.

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