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A new “Chicano Rapper” from London is making strides in the music industry,

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

A new “Chicano Rapper” from London is making strides in the music industry, a Romania Born 27-year-old bringing the unique and vibrant sounds of the Southside Califas Culture to the United Kingdom. His music is a blend of Latin, Old School, and Rap, a sound that is familiar yet completely new. Fans are hooked on his influenced beats and lyrics that explore the nuances of London life with a Southside twist. His influence stretches far beyond the city limits, as listeners from around the world are now discovering his music and are inspired to create their own unique sound.

The Chicano Rapper from London, also known as EL LOCO KOSLOV, has made a splash in the music industry since February 2007. Bringing the Southside culture to London, EL LOCO KOSLOV has released multiple hits and singles that capture his unique story and perspective. His distinctive sound and flow have garnered attention across the UK and beyond, with his fanbase continuously growing. His lyrics, meshing together English and also including Spanish, are both inventive and powerful, providing a new and interesting perspective on rap music.

The Southside culture is a vibrant part of the music industry today and London-based Chicano rapper, EL LOCO KOSLOV, is bringing it from the United States to the United Kingdom. With his debut collaboration 2020 track, “Chola Loca" (Feat. EL Mariachi, Clio & Saok, EL LOCO KOSLOV is putting his spin on the genre and introducing the familiar sounds of the Southside California style to a new audience. His unique style of rap blends traditional Chicano sounds with contemporary production elements, creating a unique and captivating sound. EL LOCO KOSLOV is also passionate about giving back to the community, often donating proceeds from his albums and gatherings to local charities.

EL LOCO KOSLOV is an artist that stands out from the crowd. His music videos feature classic lowriders lovely looking young ladies and the unique sound of his Chicano rhymes. His sound is a marriage of two cultures, traditional Chicano sounds from the Southside and contemporary hip-hop. He has developed a loyal following in the UK, with his latest music videos receiving critical acclaim.

EL LOCO KOSLOV is collaborating with big Southside voices like Rich Garcia and Capone-E, EL LOCO KOSLOV pays homage to his inspirations such as Mr. D from Southland Records, Payaso from Teen Angels Records, Toker from Brownside Records, Cypress Hill, MR Cartoon of Joker Brand and few others in the hip-hop industry. His music is a mix of old-school hip-hop and trap, with contemporary beats and flows that keep it fresh. With its unique blend of culture and sound, EL LOCO KOSLOV is quickly becoming an important voice in the London Chicano Rap culture scene.

You can find his music flow on Spotify and you tube by searching “EL LOCO KOSLOV” Be sure to follow him on Instagram and all social media platforms.

INTERVIEW: Kandy and Chrome Raps with London's Chicano Style Rapper. EL LOCO KOSLOV

KANDY and CHROME: First of all what is your rap name?

EL LOC: “EL LOCO KOSLOV” is the name I go by in my hood ESE.

KANDY and CHROME: How was your childhood growing up?

EL LOC: Originally I am Romania now living in London. I grew up alone thinking I was chicano since I was 11 years old. So yeah I created this over here I started it in 2 different countries.

KANDY and CHROME: How do you see yourself different in what you do?

EL LOC: I do it for my chicanos bringing that style to the United Kingdom. I have approached some big LA Raza rappers that only wanted big money and not support the chicano movement making its way here. I don’t make music for money or fame. It’s in my heart you know ESE.

KANDY and CHROME: Is there a growing fan base in your area yet?

EL LOC: It’s not a big market because I am the first one who started the chicano movement. But we are growing big in Europe is a tamed area it’s the best for living trust me less crime , safer place , more money earning I wanna make chicano rap music huge in Europe that my movement is growing at the right pace. The future looks good for Chicano Style in London.

KANDY and CHROME: What rappers help solidify your decision to become Chicano Style Rapper?

EL LOC: One of my main inspirations that I have a high respect for is RICH GARCIA of Brownside because when I met him he liked my shit and believed in me and gave me props which is real important to me cause people like RICH GARCIA are 100 percent real. Another well know talented rapper is Mr. D of Southland Records he is a proud supporter of my shit. They appreciated me because I am one of the very few in Europe who does this. I have plans to bring RICH GARCIA to London to shoot a music video, maybe you can do a Kandy and Chrome Video Production here in London soon.

KANDY and CHROME: What are your near future plans to make that next step?

EL LOC: Collaborating with Capone-E for a new music video in February. It will be dope. He has a lot of following and he is all about the chicano movement. Thank you bro I appreciated you it makes me happy when my work it’s appreciated, Gracias homie If u ever find yourself in London drop me a message we here for u ESE.

Show your support for EL LOCO KOSLOV and subscribe to his youtube channel sure to bring entertainment. @CarlosGarciaAceves - ©2023 LoCompany Studios LLC.

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