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Flaming Hot the Movie: A Success Story Brought to Life by film Director Eva Longoria.

Updated: May 14

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Montañez was born to a Mexican American family in Ontario, California. One of ten siblings, he was raised in a migrant labor camp in Guasti, an unincorporated community outside of Los Angeles. Richard Montañez is an inspiring success story, and it is now coming to life in the new movie called, “Flaming Hot”. His journey began working as a janitor at Frito-Lay, and while cleaning the facility he watched an internal corporate video brought out by staff, it had a message to the Frito-Lay employees, to think like a CEO, it was soon after that he stumbled upon an idea to create a snack flavor additive he called Flaming Hot. His invention has become a popular item worldwide. With the help of Searchlight Pictures and Eva Longoria as executive producer, Richard's story is now being shared with the world on the silver screen and soon to stream on HULU and DISNEY PLUS on June 9, 2023.

Montañez dropped out of school and worked as a laborer before being hired at the age of 18 as a janitor for Frito-Lay, at its Rancho Cucamonga factory, in 1976 It was said that Montañez took home a batch of unflavored snacks and seasoned them with spices reminiscent of Mexican street corn. He pitched this idea to then-CEO Roger Enrico over the phone and was invited to deliver an in-person presentation, which he prepared for by researching marketing at the public library with his wife Judy. He presented samples in plastic bags that he had hand-made and sealed. It was sent to do a soft launch six months later to a test market in Los Angeles and Southern California, and approved for national release in early 1992

During a private screening, the show goers reaction was interactive during each scene of the movie clapping and yelling in excitement during each step of Richard's climb up the corporate ladder. Before the movie began Richard along with Pastor Marcos of THE WAY Church in San Bernardino who also stars in the movie gave an inspiring speech and also a prayer before the show started. Outside the theater doors the real star of the movie was present, “The Flaming Hot Cheetos” where they offered lemon juice flavoring and spices added to the product. The new star-studded Montañez family was also present and taking pictures with the fans. As a showgoer myself, I give this movie a very high 5-star rating for the beautiful story and also the choice of music tracks, and the fine production. Montañez was not ashamed to say out loud that the full idea was inspired by his faith in God and believing that his prayers were answered as seen in the film. Two red Flaming Hot thumbs up to the writers Lewis Colick and Linda Yvette Chávez for such a great job at making the moviegoers get so excited and interactive during the film from the beginning scene to the very last. Right from the start Jesse Garcia gave a very close real-life portrayal of Richard Montañez and his journey to success. Annie Gonzalez played Richard’s wife Judy Montañez and gave an inside look at the heart of the whole reason for Richard's pursuit to continue his plan to become something larger than life. His success secret was, “Get yourself a Judy”. A well-played character of a machine operator who became friends with Richard and inspired him through the tough times was well played by Dennis Haysbert with his recognizable voice. Emilio Rivera played Vacho Montañez Richard's father giving us an inside feel at the tensions that were put to rest towards the end. Brice Gonzalez did an excellent job at playing one of the Montañez children and also the risky guinea who was the taste tester of the good and bad flavors. Carlos Solórzano also played an excellent role as one of the Montañez children Young Steven “Lucky” Montañez" going through second-generation school race bully treatment and life learning lessons growing up in a Mexican American family. Bobby Soto played Richard’s cousin who was back and forth

from troublemaker to great worker and gave a very good supporting role as Tony who also worked with Richard in the Frito Lay Rancho Cucamonga plant. Tony Shalhoub did a fantastic portrayal of the Frito Lay Ceo Roger Enrico who took the phone call that started it all. Every cast member from Jesse Garcia to the guy in the post office whose line is “Amen” Jackamoe Buzzell did such a great acting job and made this film a five-star movie making your bag of popcorn worth every penny. My hats off to you Eva Longoria and Searchlight Pictures for this beautiful production and as they say in Hollywood, “That's a wrap” - Carlos Garcia Aceves LoCompany Studios LLC.

Production and Technical Credits

Eva LongoriaDirectorLewis ColickScreenwriterLinda Yvette ChávezScreenwriterDeVon FranklinProducerSamuel RodriguezExecutive Producer

You can view Richard Montañez's Flaming Hot official movie trailer, buy his book and read more about him by clicking this link

Photo By Carlos Garcia Aceves LoCompany Studios LLC. Bag is a prop from the Film

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